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Moral Movement AK

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a proposed fusion coalition of Christians for Equality

We holding weekly launch meetings and recruiting leaders. Will you join us?

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Mission: The Moral Movement AK is a fusion coalition* working for justice in public policy and equitable social and business practices for Alaska and all Alaskans.
*fusion coalition: nonpartisan, cross-sector including nonprofits, churches, individuals, business, corporate

Vision: Equality and justice for all Alaskans, now and in the future.

Values: statewide, advocacy, education

Focus Areas
  • Poverty Abatement
  • Access to Affordable Healthcare
  • Race & Class Equality
  • Civic Engagement
  • Environmental Justice

Through advocacy, work for justice in social practices, accepted business practices, institutions and in public policy.

Through education, proven, data-driven information from experts help individuals better understand the cultural, societal and governmental roles in injustice.

Through calls to action, empower Alaskans to hold local/state leaders accountable for policies and practices that are fair and just for all. Calls to action are issued when urgent community input is needed.

Operating Model

Understanding that all injustice is related, the Moral Movement AK builds partnerships with faith communities, nonprofits, community organizations, for-profit enterprises, and individuals to work together for a just and morally responsible Alaska.

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